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  • No expensive Serums
  • You won’t even need a mirror

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Thicker, Fuller Hair

Thicker, Fuller Hair

The ingredients inside TressAnew tend to the root cause of brittle, weak hair... which is the hair-degrading enzyme called 5-AR. 5-AR turns your natural hormones into DHT— a hormone that causes just about every issue mature women face with their hair like fragile hair that breaks to the touch, greying hair, and hair that loses its strength and thickness.

Shutting off this 5-AR enzyme is the newly discovered secret to maintain youthful, flowing, thick hair... and it’s all possible with the help of the natural, science-supported, and fast-acting ingredients inside TressAnew.

Strong & Healthy.

Strong & Healthy

Losing some strands of hair in your brush, sink or on your pillow or shirts can be a thing of the past.

With the powerfully effective ingredients inside TressAnew you can fortify your hair naturally…

You can shampoo as much as you’d like, apply a generous amount of heat when straightening or curling your hair, and simply run your fingers through your hair with confidence, knowing it’s strong, healthy, and never sheds a single strand more than it should.

Youthful Shine.

Youthful Shine

You don’t need an expensive gloss treatment, special shampoo, or messy DIY treatments to put some shine back in your hair.

The hair-rejuvenating ingredients inside TressAnew have been carefully selected by a team of nutrition experts and biochemists to give your hair the color, life, and luster that turns heads and makes you get mistaken for a woman years younger.

Age-Defying Beauty.

Age-Defying Beauty

The fastest way to look and feel years younger and glowing with confidence is having healthy, shiny, thick hair.

TressAnew started as a hair-revitalizing formula for women to naturally get their shine and thickness back… and it quickly became an age-rewinding formula. As they say, “perception is reality.” And strong healthy hair that you get from TressAnew will undoubtedly keep others guessing.

Naturally Effective Ingredients
That Make Your Hair Feel Brand New



A Chinese herb that helps women boost the lustrous shine and volume of their hair. 1,2,3 In 2020, researchers discovered women in ancient cultures used fo-ti to maintain strong, thick, healthy hair, even in their 80s.

  • Fo-Ti is a powerfully effective 5-AR inhibitor.4 5-AR converts your hormones into DHT, which can be responsible for weak, brittle, damaged and lifeless hair. With the help of our proven research-backed dosage of Fo-Ti in TressAnew, you nip this problem at its root cause.
  • In a 6 month study, 97% of women who were given a Fo-Ti extract had significant improvement in hair growth and appearance. 5
  • 77% of women reported a dramatic improvement in the thickness of their hair… 6
  • A study from Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine discovered Fo-Ti can naturally boost the color and vibrancy of your hair. 7
Nettle Root natural Bronze Age.

Nettle Root

Nettle root is a natural “Bronze Age” herb that blocks 5-AR from converting your hormones into DHT (a hair-degrading hormone). Nettle root also helps support faster hair growth. 8

  • Meaning you can enjoy the kind of hair that bounces when you walk, or quickly and easily give more dimension to your short and sassy style...
  • Have hair you can do-up in unlimited self-expressive ways…
  • No longer have to carefully maneuver every strand of hair to draw attention away from the spots you’re insecure about… or checking the mirror and combing every 30-minutes to hide the spots that trigger your worst hair insecurities…
  • No more having to stick to boring hair styles, cutting your hair shorter than you want...

Because with Nettle Root, along with the handful of other naturally-sourced ingredients inside TressAnew, you’ll treat yourself with the hair-boosting super-formula that revitalizes your hair follicles FAST.

Saw Palmetto.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto was originally discovered by ancient South American tribes, and was used for all sorts of natural health remedies in dozens of different cultures. In your case, saw palmetto will act like a wildly-effective and safe DHT “detox.”

Again, DHT is the #1 cause of your hair-troubles, whether it’s losing its strength and shine, or has become weak and brittle where some parts of your scalp show through. However with saw palmetto you will...

  • Neutralize DHT to promote strong, healthy, growing hair...
  • Naturally block DHT right in its tracks (based on new science-supported research).
  • Allow your hair to grow thick, strong, and lustrous regardless of age or the current state of your hair right now.


Horsetail is an ancient herb used in Greco-Roman cultures for a number of wonderful health benefits, including the health of your hair. This unique herb contains antioxidants and silicon. Both of which have been shown in multiple studies to support long, strong, and faster hair growth.

  • Horsetail antioxidants help slow the aging of hair fibers so you can maintain youthful, gorgeous-looking hair.
  • Silicon, another nutrient inside of horsetail, is shown in studies to help you maintain thick lustrous hair and increase brightness for stunning hair that turns heads and gets compliments left and right. 9,10,11


According to a study published in, Menopause Review — magnesium is one of the most vital minerals for your hair, yet it’s often forgotten about and deficient in the standard American diet.

  • Magnesium helps unclog your hair follicles from buildup of other natural bioproducts, and this helps your hair grow faster and easier.
  • As a bonus — magnesium makes DHT far less potent, smaller, and weaker. 12 And as you learned today, anything you can do to weaken DHT will lead to more youthful and lively hair that’ll grow fast.
Rapid Hair Growth Complex.

Rapid Hair Growth Complex

Now to round out TressAnew, we added a unique rapid hair-growth complex to give you the most exciting and noticeable results you’ve experienced with any sort of hair growth vitamin or supplement you’ve tried in the past. This includes:

  • A full gamut of vitamins and minerals that are shown in studies to support rapid hair growth. Think of it like a multivitamin for your hair that provides you with every essential nutrient you need for fast-growing, thick, luscious hair…
  • And YES — we even included biotin in our formula. And you’ll notice the biotin and other nutrients inside TressAnew actually work. Because now that you have our 3 key ingredients that shut off 5-AR (Fo-Ti, nettle root, saw palmetto)...
  • These ingredients inside our Rapid Hair Growth Complex will work faster and better than anything you’ve tried in the past. Your hair follicles can now absorb the biotin and other powerful nutrients inside TressAnew and grow, grow, GROW strong, shiny, and healthy.

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TressAnew has helped my hair look like it used to before menopause!

My husband, my family, even people I don't well have noticed the difference.

It’s restored my mojo!

Susan, 54


And Now You Can Join These Women
Who’ve Been Given A Second Chance
At Full, Gorgeous Locks Of Hair…

Jean M.

I do have seasonal hair loss...only mine is worse in the summer. I have been using TressAnew for some time now. I've used maybe 4.5 bottles so far. It seems to be slowing the hair loss down quite a bit and new ones are growing in.

I have battled this since I was 31 (just after having my 3rd and final baby). I am now 69. If not for a good diet and supplements, I would be bald by now, and I am able to effectively cover my problem with fill-in products.

- Jean M.

Jill S.

Love it!! Keeps this old lady’s hair looking good!!!

- Jill S.


I love TressAnew and the results are absolutely amazing! This has been an answer to my prayers! How the Lord led me to this is beautiful, I give him all glory!

This product is not a lie and I want to thank the team! Blessings to you all.

- Martha

Yvonne N.

So far I notice my hair is much more shiny and I love it.

I also notice that it falls into place by itself which is amazing as it usually takes awhile to coax it and recomb it a few times. Bonus.

- Yvonne N.


I am a 72 year old American Asian woman who was balding at spots for several years. Since using TressAnew I’m happy to say I’ve noticed that it’s a lot less visible practically gone and it makes a difference to the way I feel about my looks.

Appreciate having this product to enhance my appearance. Thank you.

- Naomi

Rochelle P.

I like taking my hair supplements and it does make a difference because I feel and look healthier. It has more volume than it did before. Thank you.

- Rochelle P.


Tressanew Bottle Suplements Facts.
Suplement Facts.
A Collision Of Science And Nature
Into One Powerful Hair-Boosting
Super-Formula For Women Of All Ages
  • Scientifically Supported
  • Third Party Tested
  • FDA Compliant Facility
  • Extensively Researched
  • Team of Nutrition Experts and Biochemists
  • Professional Grade

Safe, Natural, No-Nonsense Formula
For Healthy Strong, Voluminous Hair

Proven Research

Our team of nutrition experts and biochemists dug through hundreds of studies to uncover the world’s most proven, science-backed ingredients to radically transform the health of your hair based on new 2021 research.

Powerful Formula

The ingredients inside of TressAnew work synergistically as a powerful hair-rejuvenating formula to claim healthy hair that defies the unwanted wear and tear of aging.

Premium Quality

Not a single corner was cut when we created TressAnew. TressAnew is manufactured in an FDA compliant facility and is GMP Quality Assured, which is the gold standard quality amongst nutrition supplements, so you can be confident you’re getting a top quality hair-boosting formula inside every single bottle.

Potent Ingredients

TressAnew contains clean, wholesome, effective ingredients of the utmost quality. Each batch is tested for purity and potency and we’re proud to say TressAnew will meet and even exceed your expectations in bringing you real, noticeable results with your hair.


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90-day “Love It Or It’s Free”
100% Money Back Guarantee…

100% Money Back Guarantee.

See — we’re not interested in taking your money if TressAnew doesn’t work for you.

That’s why if you’re one of the rare women who isn’t satisfied, we insist you get your money back.

All you have to do is email our support team...

Let us know that TressAnew didn’t meet your expectations…

And our friendly customer service team will issue you a prompt refund.

Listen — your satisfaction is far more important to us than money.

We only want positive results that change your life or nothing at all…

So we’re not promising you results here without putting any skin in the game ourselves…

You have nothing to lose by trying TressAnew for 90 days on us…

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a minute and address the most common questions I get and you can get started on your order…

So here we go…

What makes TressAnew different from other hair support supplements out there?

To be frank, TressAnew gets down to the real root cause of female hair troubles, whereas other supplements don’t.

Our formula contains natural ingredients that’ve been shown in studies to increase blood flow to your scalp's follicles.

And once you get better blood flow... you’ll keep and grow thick, full, and healthy hair

TressAnew is the only supplement you’ll ever need to support the results you want to see in the mirror.

Is TressAnew for everyone?

As much as we’d like to say yes, TressAnew is not for women who suffer from alopecia, female pattern baldness, or other medical conditions that affect your hair. We suggest that you address those issues with your health care professional.

Is TressAnew safe?

Yes. The ingredients in our formula are straight from nature and have been proven in hundreds of studies.

You can use TressAnew with confidence that it’s effective.

The only suggestion I have is if you’re pregnant, then speak with your doctor before using TressAnew.

How will I know it’s working?

Hair takes time to grow. So you won’t sprout a whole new head of hair overnight. However…

You can have full confidence that our formula is working beginning with your very first dose.

Studies show these ingredients work. It’s worked for myself, family and friends… and thousands of other women already…

So during those first couple days or maybe even the first couple of weeks, remember that this formula is proven to work. So no matter what you see in the mirror, keep taking TressAnew daily.

Most women start to see exciting, visible results within 4-6 weeks, which is why we recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle option…

Because even though it’s great to try out one bottle and see how it does…

That’s really just the beginning of all you can experience the longer you use this formula.

Will it work even if I have bad genetics?

Absolutely. And that’s because genetics aren’t the root cause of your hair troubles.

It all comes down to increasing blood flow to you hair's follicles.

TressAnew has worked for me, and for my family… and all of us have “bad hair genetics”...

As well as for so many other women who have bad hair genetics, too…

I’m confident it’ll work for you regardless of your family tree.

How do I use TressAnew?

All you have to do is take 2 small, easy-to-swallow capsules in the morning or at night… whichever one is best for you and is easiest to remember…

And the ingredients inside TressAnew will begin working right away.

Do this every single day for thicker and fuller hair.

It’s really that easy.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We’ll protect your investment with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee…

Meaning you have 90 days to decide how you feel about the results you get from TressAnew...

And if you’re not happy for any reason at all…

Then simply send an email to our friendly customer service team and let us know…

And you’ll get a full refund on your supply.

How do I order again?

It’s really simple.

All you have to do to claim your bottles of TressAnew is select how many bottles you’d like below…

Whether it’s the 3 bottle option, the 6 bottle option, or whichever option works best for you…

Then, click the “Add To Cart” button…

After you do that, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can complete your order and tell us where to send your bottles of TressAnew.

So go ahead and do that now…

And I’ll see you on the other side of your order.

Susan, can I please see all of the ingredients in TressAnew?

Of course - here's the full label!

TressAnew Label.

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